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Full Moon in Gemini: Release Your Nervousness

Geminis have a soft spot in my heart, probably thanks to my nephew who has forced me to better understand that astrological energy. 

As an air sign, Gemini energy can be a bit erratic. Imagine a toddler running around on sugar with no sign of letting down. That’s a bit how this energy can feel.

Air signs symbolize intellect, so imagine that toddler is in your brain and that velocity of running are your thoughts. That doesn’t mean Gemini energy is all over the place, but those thoughts might be.

Erratic energy makes for nervous energy, so use this full moon in Gemini to release whatever nerves you may have about taking your brand + business to the next level.

What are you afraid of?

Gemini energy is known for feeling overly stimulated.

When you have all of that chatter going on, it’s easy to get mentally exhausted and overwhelmed. You start to second guess your moves. You get overly critical of your own energy. The root of this is fear.

So again I ask, what are you afraid of?

Use this Gemini energy to tackle your fears from an intellectual standpoint. Remove yourself from the equation and approach as if your fears were separate from you.

How would you help someone overcome these fears?

What would you say to them?

What tactics would you offer as a way to combat them?

This is an opportunity to embrace the duality that comes with Gemini energy. Confront your twin self. Step outside of yourself and be objective with how to address the fears that keep you from moving forward.

Full moon time is your chance to let go and with this full moon being in Gemini, you can leverage this time to be two versions of yourself – the one who allows fear to get in the way and the one who helps remove those fears from your path. 

Sometimes it’s easier to pretend to be someone else so why not pretend to be a fiercer version of YOU? 

When you find yourself over-analyzing and getting too cerebral with your brand + business, take a step back and let the other version of you take over.

I created Sacred Brand Archetypes as a way to leverage different personas for your brand + business.

While you may be a creative entrepreneur, there are times when you will need the alpha mogul to step in and handle business.

As a design genie, you may be attached to your own creative way of working but to move the needle with your hustle the fierce hustler may need to step in and tell you it’s time to let go of using Mailchimp. I say this as I prepare my own transition from Mailchimp to ConvertKit.

Gemini energy is not rooted in emotions so take advantage of this time to let go of those fears. Detach from them. If you need to do so, detach from yourself as well, so that you can release those fears.

We’re at the end of the year. Isn’t it time to finally let go of whatever is not serving your greater good?!

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