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Full Moon in Aries: Release Your Impatience

I am of the camp that believes Aries is the start of the new year.

It lets me have some wiggle room in January when everyone is hustling to start the new year with spark. Capricorn season never struck me as go-getter energy, not in the way Aries does.

This is warrior energy, full of energy and passion. So with the full moon in Aries, we’re asking how do we release our sense of impatience.

Let’s have a chat about timing.

How are you setting your goals?

Are your milestones realistic? 

When you’re passionate about what you do and you are too conscious of what others are doing, you tend to set deadlines that are difficult to sustain. Why? Because you’re operating on a timeline that doesn’t honor your personal rhythms.

Aries is the warrior who’s always in GO mode and this energy is all fire. What happens when fire is not controlled? It can overwhelm everything it touches. 

Use this Aries energy to recharge your brand + business. There are 2 different ways to recharge. You can plug in to a power source and charge it up the old fashion way or you can replace the battery with new ones.

This full moon is asking you to take a beat and look at all you’ve done. Now what?

The next level will require the next iteration of YOU, and you can only prepare yourself for this evolved brand + business if you have enough juice to keep you going. 

Sometimes coming full circle means recognizing when something has lived its usefulness. Either replace the batteries or get new ones.

What happens when you plug in a battery to get charged? If you leave it plugged in for too long you end up damaging the battery.

How often do you leave things plugged in well past the preferred time limit?

Our devices serve as a great metaphor for our mind, body, and soul. How well can you run your brand + business without a computer and/or phone? I’m guessing not very well.

My bio used to have this line: “if you see me without my laptop, I’ve been robbed!”

These tech devices are the lifeline to many of our hustles. Without them we’d be without a business.

If you take extra care to make sure your devices last a long time, how much of that attention to details do you pay your mind, body, and soul? 

So take the time to recharge. Don’t just plug in to a power source.

Replace the batteries.

Get new ones.

Give yourself the release you need to blaze a brand new trail and this Aries energy is perfect to help you do just that!

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