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Evaluate with the Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the centaur or archer, depending on how you look at it.

A centaur is a mythical creature. It’s part man and part horse. I always like to think of it as this symbol of making the impossible possible. The human part of the centaur sets it’s sight on a target and the horse part of the centaur uses it’s force to power towards it.

Maybe the message here is that mythological symbols are the myth within themselves. Maybe we have to believe in something outside of the realm of possibilities to imagine a world where even the most outlandish vision is indeed doable.

This moon phase is a chance to reflect on what you think you know about who you should be and how you need to bring your vision to life.

So much of the entrepreneurial journey is about setting *smart* goals and putting in a methodical strategy in place to accomplish them. Because if X then Y…right?

What if there were other ways to accomplish your vision without sacrificing your passion, personality, or profit potential?

The Oscars were this past weekend and it serves as a perfect example for how to navigate nuance with what you think about success. On the surface, this award ceremony is positioned as an elite marker for accomplishment.

It is often the launching pad for lesser known creatives to command a higher salary, get access to projects that were traditionally gatekept, and raise their clout in an industry that swears by external validation to define one’s reputation.

There is a tremendous value in winning an Oscar because of the authority we give it as this ceiling of success.

But what if it was smoke and mirrors?

What of the creatives who are kept out because they lack the desire to conform or because they don’t embody what others want them to be?

What if what we think we know about everything is only limited to the consciousness of what we’ve always believe to be?

I’m speaking like a Pisces during Pisces season! It’s vague as fuck and I get it.

Maybe that’s also by design. Maybe this message is supposed to resonate with your unconscious mind so that a seed can be planted where your conscious mind can then translate into something you understand.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion.

This last quarter moon in Sagittarius is an opportunity to evaluate your knowledge because you don’t know what you don’t know.

Knowledge serves one purpose – to raise your awareness.

That’s it.

We don’t need to complicate an already complex process. Yet, when it comes to the things that we “know,” ask yourself…how is your knowledge supporting your growth and also, how is your “knowledge hindering you?

Two conflicting things can be right at the same time.

The Oscars can be an elite organization serving to celebrate creative excellence AND it can be an organization that actively suppresses opportunities for diversity.

The beauty about our being is that we have the capacity to hold space for conflicting things. It’s not an either or situation. What we do with that insight is what matters.

This is how you can learn to work with the last quarter moon phase.

When you are reflecting on who you’ve had to be and the things you’ve had to do in order to get to this point, apply less judgement and infuse more grace. This is a time to surrender what you think you know so you can better understand the teachable moments of the last few weeks, months, or years.

You already have what you need to evolve to the next level of your journey. You just need to trust that whatever targets you want to reach are the ones you want position your authority with.

Where DO you want to go and how can you remove what is no longer helping you make that big picture vision a reality?

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