Organize Your Creative Genius Workbook


This workbook is perfect for a weekend mastermind, by yourself or with your entrepreneurial peeps! Work through the assignments and get the clarity, confidence, and courage to express your brand in a more intentional and structured way!

Size: 7×10 in
285 Pages
Available 9/2/2020
Please note, the softcover edition will start shipping out on September 2, 2020.
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Organize Your Creative Genius is not a beginner’s guide or a how-to manual. This workbook was created for those who are already in the entrepreneurial hustle and want guidance with organizing their brand + business.

The best way to leverage this workbook is to dedicate a weekend or two to focus on your brand strategy so you can cultivate a consistent online presence that’s aligned with your passion, purpose, and profitability.

Organize Your Creative Genius is a workbook that is comprised of 2 parts: free writing + assignments. For each worksheet you will have a space on the left-hand side to take notes.

Use this as an opportunity to brainstorm and reflect on your brand + business before you commit to completing the worksheets.


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Inbox Besties

Launch Planning

Editorial Magic

Visual Storytelling

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