Empowered Dreaming Journal


This journal is perfect kept by your bed so you can write down the details for your dreams right after you’ve have them. Then spend time breaking them down so you can get clarity, insight, and feel more connected with your intuition.

Size: 6×9 in
116 Pages

Please note, the softcover edition is scheduled to ship out starting October 1, 2020.

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We all associate meanings to things differently. A plane in your dream may represent something completely different from how I view them. Dreams are unique to your own perspective so before you look at generic meanings, let’s spend some time consulting with the only resource you need to better understand your dreams…your intuition!

Empowered Dreaming is when you take the insights of your dreams to activate your healing and support the journey you are on, in all areas of your life. Free write your dreams and get every detail that you can remember down in writing. After you’ve recollected your dream in writing, break down the details that stand out.

  • What was the key story in your dream?
  • Who were the people involved?
  • What symbols were represented?

Over time, you may notice patterns that can help boost your intuition and before you know it, your dreams will be unlocking the blueprint to your soul’s desires!

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