Tap into the wisdom of these
Personal Brand Archetypes
to help you identify, leverage, and amplify your unique competitive edge.

Don’t be a copycat cliche!

Find your own hook, embrace your authentic self, and create your own niche.

Your PERSONAL BRAND ARCHETYPE is a reflection of how you show up online. It informs the world that this is who you are and this is how you like to roll.

In total, there are 24 archetypes organized into 4 categories.

These are the people who bring something to life such as a new book, a new production, and/or a new product line. They are driven by the need to cultivate something into existence.

These are the people who are not tethered to formality or convention. They stand tall in their independence and aren’t afraid to pave their own path.

These are the people who hustle to get what they want and aren’t afraid to command attention, respect and authority. They thrive under pressure and love competition.

These are the people who champion others. They give you the space, encouragement and support to be your best self. They are big advocates of personal development.

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Your personal brand is a fusion of your
talents, passions & bankable skills.

Learn how to harness your inner mojo for success as you navigate the entrepreneurial journey with CREATIVITY & MAGIC!!