Taking a Summer Break from The Business

Every year I give the “biz” a break. I stop thinking about it, looking at it and perseverating over it. I give it space to breathe so that I, in turn, can breathe as well.

This often happens in August and December, both times of the year when people are less neurotic about getting work done and more about living in the moment of summer or the holiday season.

Stepping away from something, even if it’s just for a little bit, gives you the kind of mental clarity and emotional disconnect that’s healthy for long term sustainability.

It usually helps deter burnout and overwhelm.

The issue is when I, a workaholic, tries to twiddle her thumbs doing something else. In a perfect world I’d give myself a month for the break because it will take me about 2 weeks to reach full disconnection mode.

I met with a client who gave me the “must be nice” look and comment when I said I was giving the biz a break.

We’re all making choices every day.

The choice to build a brand.

The choice to run a business.

The choice to pursue your hustle full-time.

The choice to work 18 hour days.

The choice to not take a break.

I have a love-hate relationship with the concept of hustle because it seems to promote an unhealthy work lifestyle that looks down on anyone who decides to incorporate balance into their routine.

I did the no-sleep hustle lifestyle for many years.

It was not healthy and not sustainable, at least not for me.

I don’t want to knock anyone who chooses that approach for themselves. I just want to put it out there that there are more than one way to skin a cat.

So I sat there, trying to rid myself of all guilt shame for choosing ME over an endless grind for the biz. Yes I am giving the biz a break because my emotional and mental wellness is worth the time off. In retrospect, 2 weeks won’t make or break anything significant.

Now it’s not all piña coladas and alcapurrias for 2 weeks. Yes there’s sunshine, beach water and some booze but there’s also some reflection and intentional plotting for final stretch of this year. It usually takes me 2 weeks to fully disconnect because the first few days are spent wondering WTF am I doing?

I ask myself questions like:

Do I still love this?

What about it lights me up?

What if I quit and started something else?

How much longer do I want to do what I do in this way?

Do I like who I’m working with?

What else do I want to be doing?

This check-in with myself gives me a chance to be honest with where I’m at. Sometimes the answers surprise me. Other times they don’t. I might be on the right track or I might be in the midst of a pivot.

By giving myself the space to honor these thoughts and truly BE with them, I’m able to reconnect with myself and embrace what I love doing in a way that I often don’t get to when I’m in the day-to-day grind.

Since I’m only doing 2 weeks this time, I’m condensing the reflection time to a few days so that I can spend a good portion of the 2 weeks somewhere with sand while reading books that are collecting dust on my shelf.

I’m picking 3 books to go through during this 2 week break.


I’ve had these books since the beginning of the year when my goals was to read more but they’ve been sitting pretty on my shelf looking all disappointed that their mama hasn’t spent quality time with them. So we’re going to read, read and sun bathe together!

Vicky Ayala

My name is Vicky & I am a brand strategist & visual storyteller. By day, I work with multi-passionate entrepreneurs to organize their creative genius into a memorable brand experience with engaging design, authentic storytelling and strategic online marketing. When I'm not conjuring brand magic, you can find me musing about the entrepreneurial journey which includes everything from finding the perfect chai latte to plotting my domestic move to Miami.

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