Tick Tock Goes the Clock for 2014

Every new year begins with habits. Out with the old and in with the new right? Today is Three Kings Day, a holiday my family didn’t really celebrate. It’s really just a great procrastinator’s holiday.

If you missed Christmas or New Year’s Day then in comes Dia de Los Tres Reyes to act like you have one last shot to celebrate someone else’s party.

Leave it to Latinos to justify CPT. (jk. not really. whatever.)

For the past few weeks my sleeping pattern had me living in somewhere in eastern Asia.

Crashing as late as 10am and waking up as late as 4pm was not the way to thrive with an entrepreneurial dream on the east coast.

I can lie to myself and say that I was still in recovery from my LA trip. Blame it on wishful thinking that I should be in PST where I can live in my own bubble with a beach nearby and warm weather.

I’ll sacrifice not having a Puerto Rican joint to go to for grub if it means independence and a thriving business. The truth is I don’t know if that would be my reality if I were in LA. Then again it’s not my reality here either so why not live in ambiguity where there’s no snow or sub-zero temperatures.

So here I go with the first self-rehab of 2014 – becoming an early bird. Overly ambitious, I tried to tackle several goals/resolutions in one morning but that quickly got shut down.

  1. Going carb-free.
  2. Being one with the treadmill.
  3. Tuning into my inner zen with meditation.
  4. Getting work done on time for clients.

It was too much + too soon and on a Monday which is notoriously my “blah” day.

Baby steps. I’ve learned that micro-managing myself, at least to start off, is the only way to keep my insecurities in check. So I’ll focus on changing one thing at a time before I end up having a breakdown that includes a one way ticket to Europe. Actually that might not be such a bad breakdown.

Clocking in my alarm time this was 6am, then 6:30am and then again at 7am. Technically I was awake at 6am but didn’t get up until 7:30am. Something about lying in a warm bed on a cold morning.

Tomorrow I should fare better. The second day is always the hardest and I’m on a mission not to let the inner committee bitches say “I told you so.”

Vicky Ayala

My name is Vicky & I am a brand strategist & visual storyteller. By day, I work with multi-passionate entrepreneurs to organize their creative genius into a memorable brand experience with engaging design, authentic storytelling and strategic online marketing. When I'm not conjuring brand magic, you can find me musing about the entrepreneurial journey which includes everything from finding the perfect chai latte to plotting my domestic move to Miami.