The Halfway Mark

Day 14

I am lucky. It was smart of me to choose February because that means that 14 days in and it’s officially the halfway mark. In what feels like a never ending journey,

I’m just the tad bit relieved to know that I’m at least 50% in. Having never been through some rehabilitation process, I can only wonder if this is the point where I’ll get a cookie or some kind of reinforcement that will keep me motivated to stay on the right track.

It got me wondering…

Where does strength come from?

I wonder, like all the time, where we derive our inner strength. That piece of our core which gives us the energy to move forward.

Courage is a byproduct which fuels the tank, but the initial power that ignites our desire to action: where does that come from?

Faith is the belief that we’ll be where she should be, even if it’s not where we want to be.

So while most other idioms would have us think that strength comes from all these other places, I wonder where’s the source code for ourselves? When I look within myself to decipher the html which powers my essence, will I find a jQuery script in the markup?

If only life was as readable as HTML, then I could make more sense of everything.

Vicky Ayala

My name is Vicky & I am a brand strategist & visual storyteller. By day, I work with multi-passionate entrepreneurs to organize their creative genius into a memorable brand experience with engaging design, authentic storytelling and strategic online marketing. When I'm not conjuring brand magic, you can find me musing about the entrepreneurial journey which includes everything from finding the perfect chai latte to plotting my domestic move to Miami.