Home Is Where The Triggers Are

Day 12

Sticking to goals are easiest when there are no triggers. Giving up one thing, anything really, becomes a job in itself.

The regular week is the time where more controlled settings help provide the cushion needed to not relapse. When you’re busy toiling away, it’s not hard to meet a non-dairy lifestyle.

And I’m a creature of habit so once I have my routines, I’m pretty good at sticking to them.

But then there’s the weekend. And until the weather resembles spring-like conditions, staying home becomes the norm. Having a 1hr+ commute into urban civilization doesn’t help with my hermit state either.

How do we avoid triggers when they’re so close to where we are?

I don’t know if it’s just me. I’m having a hard time finding peace of mind in the one place that should be all about zen-ness. My vision board is non-existent. I keep missing the new moon for my wishes.

Goal setting is becoming tougher and tougher, and as a result my time management skills are leaving a lot to be desired.

In changing an old habit, I lose sight of other things. Is this normal and to be expected when committing to change? The more I continue in finding my voice the more I feel like I’m losing who I was.

I think this should be a good thing. That’s the whole point of change no? At times it feels like I’m more sensitive. Maybe it’s also that I’m quicker to identify things that don’t mesh with my new vision.

I’m beginning to think that I should channel Betsy. She’s wise beyond her years as she’s nourished countless scores of people.

As a token of her appreciation, she should lend an ear so that I can hear her perspective. Maybe if she’s nice enough, I’ll keep up with the dairy-free living bit past February. Then again….maybe not.

That’s the thing about triggers. They’re not good for keeping goals.

Ego Disclaimer: Triggers are personal and specific to the person. They don’t represent anything more than a symbol of resistance to something a person wants to change. I felt I had to explain this because people get sensitive and assume things are about them even and especially when it has absolutely nothing to do with them.

Vicky Ayala

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